About us

What’s Sneg?

During the winter season, we all head to the mountains to spend as much time as possible in the snowy outdoors. Winter vacation in the mountains is all about spending as much time on the slopes as you possibly can. Other accompanying activities, such as finding and scheduling winter sports lessons, can only take away the time you could (and should) spend on the slopes.

That is why we, passionate skiers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, have created Sneg as a simple application with which you can schedule individual and group sports lessons for you and your family, or even all-day sports activity for your children, with just a couple of clicks.

Over time, Sneg has grown to become a globally-enabled digital platform for any type of outdoor sports activity.

Our belief is that everyone has the right to a healthy life, of which one important part is outdoor activities in the fresh air. Sneg’s vision is to become your go-to app whenever you prepare for, participate in, or host your outdoor activities. We will do that by holding up to our mission - providing you with a simple-to-use yet powerful sport-tech platform that will connect outdoor sports enthusiasts with certified instructors, guides, schools and clubs thus fully digitalizing the outdoor sports industry.

How does Sneg work?

The main focus of Sneg is to help outdoor enthusiasts find activities they are interested in, as well as, certified instructors, guides and organizations and to be able to do that with comfort, ease and confidence. Also, to enrich their experience, the platform provides offers such as outdoor sports events, equipment rentals and educational/training videos for personal technique learning.

The idea of comfort is achieved through a simple process in Sneg mobile application. Whether you require lessons from an instructor or a school/club or you just want to enroll in some exciting outdoor activity all that takes is a couple of clicks to complete the process.

If You require lessons, you will need to enter basic information about yourself (sport, age, type of lessons and term for the lessons) and choose a school, club or instructor. Once your request has been sent, you will be contacted by a representative from the school, club or instructor in the shortest time possible, in order to confirm the reservation.

Who is Sneg for?

Sneg was designed with outdoor sports enthusiasts in mind - for anyone who wants to painlessly schedule sports lessons or enroll in some exciting outdoor activities.

Additionally, Sneg is also intended for all schools, clubs and instructors that want to enable their students to schedule and keep track of their lessons with ease, and for schools and clubs to organize and track their business performance.

Sneg is also intended for any outdoor sports organization and professionals who provides outdoor activities to easily list their activities and connect with interested outdoor enthusiasts.

Equipment rentals, sport organizations and institutions, tour guides, tourist agencies, hotels and other industry-related businesses can also find their place and connect with like-minded people on this digital platform for outdoor sports activities.


For all additional information please drop us a message on the website contact form or the email below.