Ski season 2022/2023 - Kopaonik

Собственик: SNEG

Локация: Сърбия
Възраст: Деца и възрастни
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Kopaonik ski resort welcomes you to the new 2022/2023 winter season.

The ski resort of Kopaonik is situated in the heart of the National Park, in the Kopaonik mountains along the Kosovo border. It is the largest ski resort in Serbia and extends up to the summit of Pančićev vrh at 2,017 meters.

Kopaonik offers groomed slopes, various types of installations, a lot of fun, and a unique experience. The winter sports area has 55 km slopes of all difficulty levels. The skiers and snowboarders can use 30 km of blue slopes for beginners, 19 km of red slopes for the more skillful users, and 6 km of black slopes for the most experienced. There are also 26 different ski lifts for the transport of snowsports enthusiasts – from the modern 4-person and 6-person chairlifts to the gondola, button and tow lifts, and moving carpets. Night skiing is available, as well as the longest artificial ski slope in Europe, nearly a kilometer in length, served by its chairlift.

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Let's hit the slopes!